xMA Web Service Licensing

xMA Web Service needs following licenses:

  • GSD\Docuframe\Web-Client: BOOL
  • GSD\Docuframe\DOCUframe Webservice: NUMBER
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MobileAccess\Messaging: NUMBER
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MobileAccess\Messaging\Zweitlizenz: NUMBER
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MobileAccess\Business: NUMBER
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MobileAccess\Business\Zweitlizenz: NUMBER
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MobileAccess\Enterprise: NUMBER
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MobileAccess\Enterprise\Zweitlizenz: NUMBER
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MobileAccess\EnterprisePlus: NUMBER
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MobileAccess\EnterprisePlus\Zweitlizenz: NUMBER

xMA Web Service uses only one DOCUframe Webservice license per Web Service installation.

Every activated device can use one of the licenses listed above. A user can activate as many devices as many the particular license entry allows. Licenses called Zweitlizenz can be assigned to the user who has already assigned his license without Zweitlizenz. For example, user GSDAdmin has been assigned to GSD\Lizenzen\MobileAccess\Enterprise license, so he is allowed to be assigned to GSD\Lizenzen\MobileAccess\Enterprise\Zweitlizenz license as well. If the user has already activated device, he may use Zweitlizenz license to activate his second device. This kind of licenses are meant to be cheaper than regular licenses.

For example, customer has one xMA Web Service installation, and two device, iPhone and Android. Those two devices have license Enterprise assigned. Therefore one license DOCUframe Webservice and two MobileAccess\Enterprise are used.


xMA Web Service does not use GSD-MDM module for licensing, and it never will be!