GSD REST API Licensing

REST API Web Service needs following license entries:

  • GSD\Docuframe\Web-Client: BOOL = TRUE
  • GSD\DOCUframe\Zeit für Schnittstellenmakros
  • GSD\GSD-RestApi\Version: NUMBER = 2
  • GSD\GSD-RestApi\Unterversion: NUMBER = 2
  • GSD\Docuframe\DOCUframe Webservice: NUMBER
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MDM\GSD\GSD-RestApi\NamedDevice: NUMBER
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MDM\GSD\GSD-RestApi\NamedUser: NUMBER
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MDM\GSD\GSD-RestApi\NamedUserDevice: NUMBER
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MDM\GSD\GSD-RestApi\AnyUserDevice: NUMBER
The amount of other licenses depends on customer's needs. Note that DOCUframe Webservice license is only needed when one is logging in with no (or empty) appNames parameter. Session obtained in this way only allows to use path /v1/execute to execute interface macros that are saved on end-user-level only. Any other path of GSD-RestApi won't work!

In addition module GSD-RestApi needs following license entries:

  • GSD\Docuframe\Zusatzmodule - add value GSD-RestApi


It is obligatory to use REST API WebService with GSD-MDM module! There is no version that can be used without it!



This module is meant to be used in customers databases!

GSD-MDM Module needs following license entries:

  • GSD\Docuframe\Zusatzmodule - add value GSD-MDM

Module GSD-MDM is used to give access to application for specific user on specific device. To do that, there has to be GSD-MDM module imported into database. Then under menu Settings > Communication > Device menagement is possbile to open device menagement panel.

Now, either on page Devices or Users, by double click on the red cross sign, user can give access for a specific user/device to selected application.


The second option is to go to page Applications and for selected application create assignemnt with user and device.



Whole documentation of this module is available to download from a gsd-mdm folder.



GSD-MDM-Dev is former GSD-MDM_Mini! All functionalities remains the same, only the name has changed. In order to use a new version of the module new license is required. Contact GSD DE for a new license.


This module is meant to be used in developement databases only!

GSD-MDM-Dev Module needs following license entries:

  • GSD\Docuframe\Zusatzmodule - add value GSD-MDM-Dev

In order to license applications/modules other than GSD-RestApi, it is needed to use module called GSD-MDM-Dev. After importing the module to the development database of the module, it adds additional page to the AddOnModule's dialog window.


With usage of this module, developer has to configure application, that will represent this module.

First of all developer has to define the list of interface macros, that are going to be used by this module. Every request that will be sent, at first is checked if that user, that is trying to do so, have an access to use this macro. If interface macro is on the list, and the user have granted access via GSD-MDM then it is possbile to execute this macro.

Second most important thing is to define license key. The key is the value that is used by the four entries in the license (described above). Most likely it will be the same as the name of the module.

At the end developer has possibility to define the list of templates. Templates are used to describe in easy way a serialization of objects. This is commonly used by GSD-RestApi.

It is also very important to add to the macro after import of this module these four lines:

Thanks to this macro after importing this module to target database the object of application for this module will be created.

From now on module needs license with four entries for this module in it. These entries are:
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MDM\Partner\license_key\NamedDevice: NUMBER
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MDM\Partner\license_key\NamedUser: NUMBER
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MDM\Partner\license_key\NamedUserDevice: NUMBER
  • GSD\Lizenzen\MDM\Partner\license_key\AnyUserDevice: NUMBER