GSD WebDAV Licensing

WebDAV Web Service needs following license entries:

  • GSD\Docuframe\Web-Client: BOOL
  • GSD\Docuframe\DOCUframe Webservice: NUMBER

The amount of GSD\Docuframe\DOCUframe Webservice license depends on customer needs. One user that connected to the database uses one license. No matter whether user connects multiple devices or user uses CalDAV and CardDAV or one of these, only one license is used.

For example, user GSDAdmin uses two devices, iPhone and MacBook. On iPhone are created two accounts, CalDAV and CardDAV. On MacBook only CalDAV account has been added. With such configuration only one DOCUframe Webservice will be used.


WebDAV does not use GSD-MDM module for licensing, and it never will be!