GSD-Stats Overview

We have added module to gather generic statistics about applications's data.

We use websockets to keep connection online. Our server is listening on

Transferred data have full end-to-end AES256 and SSL encryption.

All communication is disabled by default. You must explicitly turn it on in your config.

Transferred data:

Application ID:

  1. Unique Machine Id
  2. System's family name
  3. Application Name
  4. Hashed executable path

Message types:

  1. Logs - Includes all application's execution logs, those are: Fatals, Errors, Warnings, Information, Debugs. [since 2.1.3]
  2. License Data. [since 2.1.3]
  3. Messages - Generic application messages. [since 2.1.5]
  4. Application's configuration. [since 2.1.5]
  5. License - Count of login/logouts, active sessions (without user's personal data or credentials). [since 2.1.5]
  6. Route information - execution time, response codes [since 2.1.5]
  7. Time of application start. [scheduled for next version]
  8. Route diagnostics - mostly execution time. [scheduled for next version]