GSD Cloud Solutions Documentation


This technical documentation will guide you through the integration process of various of our products.

This includes our web services, mobile applications, both Android and iOS and some of DOCUframe modules.

If you need technical support related to integration, you can direct your questions to

Web solutions basic informations

Our web services was created to allow communication with DOCUframe database. This includes REST API, WebDAV synchronization, UDP communication and more.

We provide possibility to use:

  • CRUD - create, read, update and delete
  • Data streaming, upload and download with resume service
  • Additional queries - information about the structure of the database (classes, dictionary values, translations etc.)
  • Synchronize address books and calendars - synchronize your data with a usage of WebDAV protocol
  • GPS - track your vehicles with a GPS and store data in a DOCUframe database for later review

Mobile basic informations

Our SDK was created to make developer's life easier. It gives a possibility to easily display sets of data or prepare formulars and lots of other functionalities.

Using our functionalities you can create application that is adapted to your needs. We prepare our product to be easy to use and have a tool that helps you and your company achieve the goals you are focused on.

We provide possibility to use:

  • Data synchronisation from application to DOCUframe
  • Data synchronisation from DOCUframe to application
  • Predefined and customizable UI elements
  • Easy access to GPS data
  • Easy access to base sensors available on device